Welcome To Great Technologies Limited

We are specialized in components for industrial plants, power plants, machinery and its maintenance, GREAT Technologies is based in Bangladesh. We have been in business from 2011, providing our customers concrete solutions to their needs WE SUPPLY INDUSTRIAL COMPONENTS For mechanical, micro-mechanical, electrical, systems automation, manufacturing and spare parts. We always strictly offer the original brands with the related international guarantee. WE BUY FOR YOU ALL AROUND THE WORLD No more problems of foreign currencies, languages, customs and terms of payment, these are all services we manage every day for our customers. THE BEST PRICE THAT WE OBTAIN IS YOURS We buy for many customers, negotiate discounts and purchase large volumes. We work with the best prices on the market in order to reduce costs. We provide open order creating lists that contain your special needs and simplify your supply process. WE OFFER TECHNICAL AND PRICE ALTERNATIVES We manage the search for old products and offering technological alternatives. You will generate significant savings while expanding the base of access to our products.


Our vision is to be the best among the IT service providers across the globe.


Our mission is to equip our customers with the most advanced and world class IT solutions which can enable them to have an edge over their competitors.


Our motto is to create IT solutions for a better tomorrow.

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